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General Rubber Parts

Our diverse range of rubber parts caters to multiple industries, including renewable energy, where our specialized components are essential in wave energy converters for durability and sealing.

Rubber Bumpers

Our rubber bumpers, made from high-grade materials, absorb and dissipate kinetic energy, providing protection against impacts and ensuring durability and safety in various applications.

Rubber Bushes

Our rubber bushes, crafted from high-quality compounds, absorb shocks and dampen vibrations, offering superior resilience and noise isolation in automotive and machinery applications.

Rubber Couplings

Our rubber couplings, made from high-quality compounds, connect components like pipes and shafts with flexibility, absorbing vibrations and accommodating misalignments, ensuring durable and reliable performance in harsh conditions.

Rubber Fenders

Our rubber fenders, made with premium rubber, effectively absorb and dissipate kinetic energy, providing robust protection for vessels and structures in marine environments, thus enhancing safety for ships and docks.

Rubber Gaskets

Our rubber gaskets deliver tight seals and reliable performance, using premium rubber for effective barriers against leaks and contaminants across various industries.

Rubber Mounts

Our rubber mounts are engineered for vibration isolation and shock absorption, offering essential support and stability. They dampen vibrations, reduce noise, and minimize shock transmission, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Rubber Rollers

Our rubber rollers, designed for precision and durability, excel in various industrial and manufacturing processes. These rollers provide excellent resilience and traction, ensuring smooth and efficient operations in material handling, printing, or laminating.

Rubber Shock Absorbers

Our rubber shock absorbers, made with high-grade compounds, cushion vibrations and minimize noise and impact in various applications. Their durable design ensures reliable performance and longevity, ideal for automotive and industrial equipment.

Rubber Solid Tires

Our rubber solid tires, engineered for durability, excel in heavy-duty industrial applications. Crafted from high-quality compounds, they offer exceptional resistance to wear, ensuring long-lasting performance in tough environments.

General Rubber Compound

Our General Rubber Compound, versatile and durable, suits various applications. Crafted from quality rubber, it offers superior resilience and wear resistance, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Rubber Tiles

Our Rubber Tiles offer versatile flooring solutions for various applications. Crafted with high-quality rubber, they provide durability and resilience, ideal for high-traffic areas. With easy installation and maintenance, these tiles are suitable for gyms, playgrounds, and commercial spaces, ensuring safety and comfort.

Rubber Stable Mats

Our Rubber Stable Mats provide reliable flooring solutions for equestrian facilities. Crafted with durable rubber, they offer superior resilience and traction, ensuring safety and comfort for horses and stable workers. With easy installation and maintenance, these mats are ideal for stalls and walkways, providing excellent cushioning and protection against impact.

Rubber Speed Humps

Our Rubber Speed Humps, crafted for durability, effectively calm traffic in various road environments. With easy installation and minimal maintenance, they enhance safety in residential streets, parking lots, and school zones.

Corner & Wall Guards

Our Corner & Wall Guards offer robust protection for corners and walls in various settings. Crafted with durable rubber, they provide superior impact resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance in high-traffic areas. With easy installation and low maintenance, these guards are ideal for hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings, protecting against damage and maintaining aesthetics.

Rubber Chocks

Our Rubber Chocks provide reliable wheel immobilization for vehicles and equipment. Crafted with durable rubber, they offer superior grip and stability, ensuring safety in various settings. With easy placement and removal, these chocks are ideal for trucks, trailers, and aircraft, preventing unintended movement and accidents.

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